Monday, April 20, 2009

Feeding to Amazon and Posting Video Blogs

I admit I have come into the technological world kicking and screaming. However, I have recently learned that I can have all of my blogs fed to my blog on Amazon so that they will all be in the same place and people looking at my books can see my blogs for more information on my work as well.

Additionally, I learned today that I can post YouTube links right on my blog so the video blogging I am trying to start will show up in the blogs themselves. I am sort of testing it with this post. I am posting the youtube video referenced in the prior post to see if it will come up on this blog and my Amazon blog.

The presentation was done at my church to give folks additional understanding about what life can be like for families who experience special needs. It was done more for awareness than for families themselves.

I am beginning to do more video on my own and elsewhere. I also just did a podcast for the Needs Project . When I do video or podcasts they will now be listed at

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Peggy Lou Morgan
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lighthouse Parents on Tangle (formerly GodTube)

Lighthouse Parents now has a ministry page on Tangle (formerly Godtube). Our home page is here .

We just put up a video of a presentation I did at Grace Fellowship last week. If you click on the home page you will see the video.

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Peggy Lou Morgan
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