Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Billy Ray and His Choir

As shared before Billy Ray loves worship music. We attended Soul's Harbor Church of the Nazarene until we moved to LaPine at the end of 2004.

It was slow in getting acquainted in that church. Billy Ray can be disruptive in church from time to time. However, the relationship had really gelled by the time we moved six years later.

The relationship with Pastor Ray Jones and his wife, Christine, the minister of music, seemed to be the first to start. I wasn't sure it would actually work the first time Billy Ray took off for Christine. She, being the eloquent lady that she is was a bit startled by this teenager coming at her and grabbing her. However, the relationship became and thing of beauty and grew to involve the whole choir. Each Sunday before service "my choir" prayed for Billy Ray and that he would enjoy the service.

Lover of music that he is Billy Ray did not like to have special musicians come. He wanted his "Christy-dean" and "my choir". Christene was later to call him her biggest fan. During a time that he was really ill and we weren't in church much he would say "I want my Christy-dean sing to me". Pastor Ray had a CD that Christene had made and sent it to Billy Ray. We play it so many times it wore out and Pastor Ray had to make another one.

This picture was taken on our last Sunday there, December 19, 2004, which was Billy Ray's 22nd birthday.

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