Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Little Answer to Prayer

Today is the 23rd anniversary of Billy Ray's adoptive placement. I wrote a post about it here . There is a "rest of the story" that I wanted to share with you here.

We were waiting for a newborn with Down's Syndrome through a doctor in Portland and had been number one of the list for a while. We were told that we would only have 24 hours to pick up a baby when we were matched to one. It had a definite impact on our lives during that horrible wait. We took a packed diaper bag when we visited my late husband's elderly parents and checked our voicemail constantly whenever we were away from home.

We were notified that a baby girl was expected momentarily and unfortunately, I had strep throat. I was on antibiotics and was on it long enough to not be cautious but I was frightened it would mess things up. I asked our then pastor, Fred Werbin, to pray about it. It was also a prophetic prayer I'll never forget. He prayed that when we got a baby it would be so clear that this was the child the intended for us.

That baby did not become available after all. Eventually we contacted an agency and were told about a 14 months old boy whose adoption was failing. The adoption came together in a totally unexpected way and speed. Billy Ray came to us at 15 months. The bonding was immediate.

When I was rocking Billy Ray at night I used to sing the little chorus "God is So Good" and modify it to add Billy Ray's adoption in several spots. For example, "God answers prayer he gave me Billy Ray". I also called him my little answer to prayer.

Over the years with the many struggles have experienced with my husband's long illness and death and later with Billy Ray's health issues, it has been such a comfort to know so clearly that Billy Ray was the answer to my prayers and that of our former pastor. It is quite clear that he is the child the Lord intended for us.

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