Sunday, April 29, 2007

Billy Ray and "Grandma Lowery"

We went back to our prior church (Soul's Harbor in Woodburn, OR) last Sunday. We moved 2-1/2 years ago and hadn't been home for 2 years. It was wonderful to be back for a visit.

My friend, Carol, had put on a wonderful buffet for after church which made it possible to visit because Billy Ray had something to focus on. Thanks Carol!!

I asked Bob Brown to take pictures of Billy Ray and "Grandma Lowery" for an article I am writing on her ministry to special needs children. Thanks Bob!! Here is my favorite.

Eldora Lowery, now 90 years old, is an inspiration to us all. When I started a Lighthouse Parents support group in that church she came to me before the first session and said "I want to be involved" and she was there every session. Though the group never really got families to come, Eldora has continued her ministry in special ways.

It seemed just when Billy Ray needed the fiber for medical issues a package would show up with oatmeal cookies from Eldora. She writes him cards and letters often. Since Eldora talks about how good the Lord is, caregivers and family members who are not believers have had to read about the Lord because Billy Ray loves to have them read to him repeatedly.

For years Billy Ray was the only child with special needs in that church. I will never forget one day a father visited the church by himself. They had just moved to the area. He said that they didn't bring their son to church because he could be disruptive. He said that he and his wife would trade services to attend alone while the other one would stay home with their son. We encouraged him to come and bring his WHOLE family and he did. As the church learned to accept Billy Ray they took this boy into the services and their hearts.

It's my understanding that "Grandma Lowery" ministers to him just as she does to Billy Ray. Truly ministry is ageless.

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Peggy Lou Morgan
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Libby said...

What a sweet Lady!

Lois Helvie said...

I would love to contact Mrs. Lowry, she was my mother's teacher in the first grade (Gladys Caravatta), and I knew her daughter, Carol. I was amazed to see her on the internet.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Lois, I will try to put you in contact with Grandma Lowry if you send me an email adderss. Just make a comment (I won't post it) and I will write to you.

Peggy Lou