Sunday, July 02, 2006

What is this Blog

Pictures here in taken by Dave Peters on the Oregon Coast.

There will always be storms and rocks along the way parenting our complex special needs children. When I was the most desperate with my son because nothing was working at home or school, I turned to the Lord and he gave me what I have come to call the Lighthouse Concept.

Following Jesus as our lighthouse when we have no idea what to do next for our child brings such comfort and increases our insight.

This blog is not intended to replace my other blog, Parenting A Complex Special Needs Child, it is intended to share the joys, struggles and spiritual adventure of parenting a special needs child together with the Lord.
Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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K.C.'sMommy said...

Hello Peggy Lou,
Beautiful photos! They look so peaceful:)

My faith in God helps me to get through each day with K.C. especially on the tough days. I know that God is watching over us and that I always have someone to talk to that listens. Some days it is very hard to find the strength to get through the day but I know that God gives me the little push that I need so that I can take care of the boys. Being Jewish and not being able to go to Synagogue when I really want to go is tough. I want to be there every Saturday very badly but can only go when I have extra help with K.C. at home. On the days that I cannot go I do read from the Torah but it's not the same as learning and hearing what the Rabbi says.

We are very much alike Peggy Lou:) Our faiths keep us strong for our boys and our love for God.

I feel religion is so very important in raising children. I see many many families who don't go to church and have no desire to do so. I think it's a shame that they deny their children a relationship with God.

I can't wait for the days that K.C. and Big Brother and I can all go to synagogue together as a family. I have prayed for it everynight.

When did Billy Ray start going to church? How did you do it?

Beautiful blog Peggy Lou,