Thursday, January 10, 2008

Neither Snow Nor Dark

This is one of the pictures that Pastor Lighthill took the night that his wife, Denise, brought dinner. He sent me the pictures yesterday and I added one to the original post but wanted to put the one with all the snow separately because I know that Big Brother in Arizona and Nick in California love the snow pictures.
Yesterday Larry and Billy Ray took some snow pictures at his son's cabin and I will post some of those later for the kids to see.
I am going to see my primary care provider today. My blood pressure is down a bit and I am feeling a little better this morning.
Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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KC's Blog said...

Big Brother loves this snow picture! Thank you for posting it Peggy Lou. As I take Big Brother to school in the morning he always looks toward the mountains, we are surrounded by mountains 360 degrees and he looks for any signs of snow on the tops. Occasionally, you can see snow on the mountain tops as you look north. It's a shame it's 2 hours away :(
Hope you are feeling better :)

Tina and Boys